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Cultivate impact potential and invigorate the giving ecosystem to best support underserved charities and causes.

Benesys is a for-profit impact consultancy.

We believe that while giving back should be impactful, it should also align with your personal values and vision.


Our approach acknowledges the importance of both impact and personal aspiration. We take the time to understand the change you want to see and evaluate the most effective way to make it. We adapt our service according to the time you have and the level of engagement you require,  while continuously managing and reviewing your charity partnerships.

Consistent Delivery 
 Impact Reporting
& A

your Vision
for Impact

a Robust Framework for Giving

Identifying &
Value Matched Charities 

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Our Charity Partners

We partner with local and global, high impact charities operating across all sectors.

Every charity on our platform has undergone our own proprietary risk assessment and works with us to deliver quality impact reporting.

Our in-depth risk assessment process allows us to get to know our Charity Partners as well as we know our Clients so that by the time we introduce them to each other, they are not only compatible from a sector and performance standard but also share complementary values and vision.

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