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Bryn has always been deeply passionate about human rights and actively engaged in charity throughout her life. After completing her Masters in Political History at the University of Edinburgh, she was pulled toward the rise of impact work in the financial sector. She began working in wealth management, developing, leading and managing the impact work for an Asset Management firm and affiliated Family Office. Bryn co-founded Benesys because she felt there was a need for an organisation which could respond to surging cultural shifts. Shifts both in businesses and in individuals becoming increasingly aware of their agency and using this to be more philanthropically engaged. Bryn holds a fundamental belief that more problems will be solved when people have access to a platform to create effective change. 


Bryn is the founder of social initiative #SprintForHer which provides online support for survivors of sexual assault through sport. She is most inspired by charities which focus on Women and Girl's Empowerment.

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Jo’s desire for improvement and to make things better precipitated the founding of Benesys where the underlying belief is that ‘giving back ‘ can be done differently and in most cases better. A student of Economics at universities in both the UK and in France provided a foundation for a global career in international banking and finance which spanned over 12 years based across Europe, Asia and the US.


She has a sound understanding of both commercial and personal financial needs with an ability to deliver and structure products that meet these needs. Having studied and worked all over the world, she is an effective communicator possessing an ability to operate in different environments and according to various demands. As a respite from finance and international travel, she worked as a freelance writer in Asia, in addition to volunteering as a Docent at the Singapore Art Museum. Jo has returned to the commercial arena this time with a philanthropic agenda, believing whole-heartedly that commercial and individual personal objectives can absolutely co-exist with goals to positively benefit all of society and improve the way we live our lives. 


Jo is most passionate about and actively supports charities working with children from challenged and disadvantged backgrounds.