Effective Impact in a Changing Society.

Benesys was founded to make philanthropy as effective as possible. We made our mission to deliver structured, sustainable and targeted support to outstanding charities with the belief that dynamic business and talented, committed individuals have the potential to apply their resources and experience to make a difference. At Benesys, we believe that by allocating traditional and alternative forms of capital through a robust impact framework, we can help the creation of meaningful change that lasts. 


Since our founding over two years ago, our approach has naturally evolved to include the the new collective demographic power of Millennials and Generation Z. Coined the 'Impact Generation', Millennials and Generation Z together make up over ½ of the world’s population and account for most of the global workforce and consumers. This socially minded demographic are more attracted to making a positive impact and to supporting business with purpose than those without. Whether these young people are ourselves, our children, employees, bosses, or colleagues, developing initiatives for them to focus their energy and their giving in the most impactful way, is vital- both in terms of the potential positive change created and in terms of the social return opportunities.



We are facing the most severe crises to our planet and to our fragmenting society. With these challenges - perhaps as a direct result of them, demographic shifts are increasingly characterised by changing attitudes towards philanthropy and ‘giving back’. The changes in mood and the widening belief  that individuals and business have a more vital role in solving these challenges, reinforces the need for effective philanthropic strategies and

Corporate Giving solutions.


As the world is changing, the role of philanthropy is fast changing with it. Our goal is to harness the increased appetite for Impact creation across the private sector and to work with our clients to develop and deliver effective, workable, tailored solutions that have long lasting, significant and life changing benefits for generations to come.